Real Estate Termite Inspection

TermitesTermite inspection letters are required by the mortgage company underwriter before a new loan is issued for the sale of a house. The reason for this is that mortgage companies realize that termites cause billions of dollars in damage to structures every year, and they do not want to issue a loan on a house that has serious damage as the property value may be compromised.

Brown Exterminating strives to deliver a professional inspection on every property we are paid to evaluate. A professional inspection includes visual inspection of every inch of every interior wall, baseboard, window frame, crown molding and doorframe, and in the instance of conventional or basement/ crawl space construction inspection of the underneath of the structure. As a seller or realtor, a professional inspection is important because of liability arising from an incomplete inspection. In other words, if evidence of termites is missed in the inspection and the buyer is the type of person that is prone to file a lawsuit, then their attorney will sue not only the pest control company that does the inspection, but also the seller, sellers agent, the sellers agents broker and anyone else they can think of to increase the odds of the largest settlement they can get.

We are looking for presumptive evidence of termites which includes shelter tubes, trails in sheetrock, wood that has been attacked and consumed by termites, dead or live insects and discarded wings from termite reproductives.