"We used Terminix for termite and pest control at our facility for years. Even though they had a contract and treated for termites every year, we had termites swarm for three years in a row, and although they sent someone out monthly to "service" every month we had an out of control mouse problem and an ant infestation that showed up every year they could not get rid of. We fired them and hired Brown Exterminating in 2005. End result, no more termites swarming, no more mice and we have not seen an ant in years. I would recommend Brown's superior service to anyone."
- David Lester, Memphis, TN

"We were referred to Brown Exterminating by one of our employees three years ago. We hired them to take care of a serious mouse infestation at our facility. Their representative came out, did an inspection to assess our needs and designed a custom program to address the problem. In six weeks the problem was solved as they said it would be. We were so impressed with the results they delivered, we canceled the company that was doing our regular service and hired Brown to take care of everything, and are very happy with the service they routinely provide for us."
- Mike Maxey, Memphis, TN

"We used Cooks Pest control for our service for several years. The technician serviced our facility every month, and was there on average about 20 minutes. We had an ant infestation that they could never get rid of in all the time that we did business with them. Brown Exterminating came out and set us up on a quarterly program. We have not seen any ants in 2 years, and our cost of service is lower than what Cooks was charging. We are very happy with better, more thorough service and results that Brown provides us."
- Lynn Hantz, Collierville, TN

"We had a termite contract with a company that went out of business and we lost our warranty. After talking to several different companies, we chose Brown Exterminating to provide us with continued termite protection. The representative showed us a termiticide label and explained what was required to give complete termite protection as required by the chemical manufacturer instructions. I have had three houses treated for termites in the past, and have never seen any of the other three companies do as much work to protect a home for termites as Brown did at our home. They were the first company to show us what was required and then actually perform the work. I feel confident that my home is protected from termite damage now."
- Ed Sheehan, TN