General Pest Control Services

The Memphis area is an ideal habitat for for insects. This is due to our warm climate and large amount of rain we get which are both needed by insects to flourish. Everyone will have some incidence of insect invasion at some point. There are several insects which can invade your home. Spiders are very numerous and common in this area. Also, ants, roaches, crickets, pillbugs, sowbugs, earwigs, silverfish, crickets and springtails are common and very often get into houses. Mice and rats can be a problem as well.

The goal of our services for pest control for commercial and residential accounts is to first eliminate any pests that have established themselves inside the structure. After that has been accomplished, we prevent re-infestation by maintaining a treated zone around the perimeter that will kill any insects that go through it, so that if they make it inside, they will not survive. This can be accomplished by treating quarterly every 3 months, because the chemicals that we use for a residual treatment will last 10 to 12 weeks before breaking down.

Here are the things that differentiate our service from other companies:

  1. All employees are background checked and drug tested before hiring and subject to random drug testing.
  2. Before they are able to go out on their own to service clients, every technician goes through a 6 week training period consisting of field work, classroom training and finally passing the state certification test. Then they are able to service customers on their own.
  3. We use the least toxic most effective products available. These are the reasons we pick the products we use, not the cost of the products. There are generic products out there that are the cheapest, but they are 2 to 3 times more toxic than what we use, and they break down quickly and are not as effective. While newer chemistry can cost more, it will solve your pest problem better, and protect you between regularly scheduled services.
  4. Our treatments are customized to the needs of each and every customer. There are some that do a "one size fits all" treatment. This type of treatment will be less effective that what Brown does for you.
  5. The products that we use have the least odor available.
  6. We spend more time and do a more thorough job when we service. The end result of this is that your problems are solved the first time, and you will not have problems in between regular services. As a matter of fact, more than 99 percent of the time, we solve the problem on the first visit, and do not have to come back until we are scheduled to do so, on a regular maintenance service.
  7. We power spray the outside perimeter quarterly to prevent pest invasion of the structure. Some companies never power spray!

At Brown Exterminating, we pride ourselves on providing the best services with 100% guarantee on our work. This has made us the best at pest removal and control since 1972. Contact us today!